Monday, April 27, 2009

Nemonika Browser

The Nemonika Browser is a serious speech processing system combining real-time speech recognition as well as synthesis.

The speech recognition engine provides a small command oriented vocabulary, perfect for navigation and for implementing a "voice typewriter" that allows you to enter an arbitrary string. The speech synthesizer can provide navigation feedback and can directly speak content such as web pages or text files. Web pages are simulateneoudly rendered to fit onto a small screen to allow for simpler reading and navigation. Nemonika currently has support only for US English, but we have plans for adding more European language support in the future.

The web is not ideal for viewing on small screens. Nor is it ideal for when you are away from a desktop in settings where you may need to multi-task your vision. Nemonika is not a desktop browser, it's a browser for the road. The one inside your head you're speeding down all the time. With Nemonika, now you can go faster.

We are porting the Nemonika Browser to Windows Mobile. The Beta-1 release combines US Engish Speech Recognition and Synthesis. This version was developed to run on Windows Mobile 5.0 and above. It may run on earlier releases.

To install Nemonika simply download the install file to any directory on your Windows Mobile device and launch it with the File Explorer. When it is executing, (after it is installed) Nemonika does not write any files. This is done to reduce the number of "Write Cycles" on your FLASH based storage. All cookies are memory based and will persist for as long as the Nemonika is loaded.

Download Nemonika Beta-1 Version (with US English Speech Synthesis and Recognition) for Windows Mobile (8.08 MB)

Copy the install file to your Windows Mobile device. Launch it from the File Explorer. You need at least 10 MB of available FLASH storage on your device to install Nemonika. After the install file is finished your mobile device will automatically perform a soft re-boot. The Nemonika icon will appear in the shortcuts menu and in the programs directory. After Nemonika has been installed on your device you can then chose it to become automatically activated by pressing a particular button on your mobile device. Simply go to the Setting Menu, select buttons and then from a list of buttons you can select nemonika from a list box of programs on your device.

Nemonika Browser

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