Monday, April 13, 2009

Where Is My RAM?

a good overview of which documents and programs were taking up the space on Pocket PC.

WIMR? will show you a file explorer like list of all files and directories on your device, sorted by size. WIMR? will start at the root of the device, and you can then tap directories to enter them. Use the "up" icon to go back up a level and the "refresh" icon to recalculate the current location if you change something in another application (e.g. a file explorer or in the "remove programs" control panel applet).

There is a few options in the program: You can choose to show file-sizes in bytes, kilo-bytes, mega-bytes or use the 'auto' setting (files < 1024 bytes shown in bytes, files < 1048576 bytes KB and files > 1048576 in MB).

You can choose to see only files in ROM, RAM or both. This option is to filter out the ROM items which you can't delete anyway (or the other way around: to have a peek at what's in the ROM).

You can also delete single files directly from WIMR?, call the "Remove programs" control panel applet to uninstall complete programs, launch a file directly from WIMR? or view detailed information about a selected file.

Where Is My RAM?

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