Saturday, May 30, 2009

Battery Guard

Battery Guard is an finger-friendly application that manage powering for each subdevices on PocketPC machine.

Windows Mobile Professional has four main power modes. In the full powered state, usually the device's screen and backlight are on. If you press the power button or don't interact with the device, then after so much time, it either goes into the "unattended" state or the suspended state. The device goes into the unattended state if a program specifies that it needs to continue running. In the unattended state, the device is still running, but the screen and backlight are usually powered down. The user would look at this as being an off state, but the device is still awake. If no programs need to continue running then the device will go into the suspended state. In the suspended state, all of the programs that had been running are still in memory, but they make no progress since the CPU is in a halted state. The final state is the true off state. In fact, there are more than mentioned four states and for each of them (except true power off where everything is power off) you can set subdevices powering mode. DPM can also set current power mode for each subdevice (like camera, gps, usb etc.)

This application should be usefull for someone who want to track what eating battery and make it under control.


Microsoft Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 (should work on WM 6.0 , 5.0, PocketPC 2003)
Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 3.5 (download from Microsoft)

set powering template for each power state of WinMo Professional device
set current power mode for each subdevice
backup/restore powering template
support user-defined friendly names of subdevices
multilanguage support (English, Polish)
skin support
AppToDate support

Battery Guard

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