Saturday, May 23, 2009


The program is designed to lock the screen and buttons.

Babelfish Translation:
Special features:

For the unlocking it is necessary to conduct by finger in the circle.
Configuration of the zone of unlocking.
Small size (it is written on the clean of c++ without what or additions).
It is possible to dispose program for the disconnection of the screen/of device during the blocking.
In the blocked state the time and the position show. Type can be disposed.
Support of any permissions of screen.
Possibility to block screen with the conversation or to disconnect it.
Installation is not required.
Exterior view. Program is originally ready to work, but if you want to change its exterior view that:

You will place your picture into the folder with the program.
Edit Settings.ini - the zone of unlocking there is tuned. In the file there are commentaries.
Behavior during the blocking. Program only originally blocks the screen/of button, but there is the parameter Of deviceOFFatLock, which can disconnect screen/the device:

0 - not to disconnect.
1 to send into the latent regime.
it is 2nd to turn off screen (ATTENTION: In this case is disconnected only the screen!
Behavior in the absence of unlocking in the course of the specific time. Program can disconnect screen/device, if they did not unblock within the specific period of time, for this they answer two parameters - DeviceOFFatTimeout and DeviceOFFTimeout. Details in the file of configuration.


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