Friday, May 08, 2009


Google Voice Internet SMS and Dialer

This application works kinda like GVDialer and iDialer in the fact that it utilizes your Google Voice account to make phone calls. The difference is, it uses Wifi or data link on your phone to place the calls and send/receive SMS (text) messages.

*Dials numbers through your Google Voice account and has them ring back to your phone. With this app, some phones will automatically pick up the call once it comes in without your phone ringing. I'd like to know what phones this works on, since it doesn't seem to work on all phones.
*Sends and receives SMS messages through your Google Voice account.
*Integrates with your Windows Mobile contacts, so that you may dial or send messages to your contacts that already exist on your phone.

This application works best on VGA/WVGA touchscreen Windows Mobile 6 with NETCF3.5 and above phones.


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Jeremy L. said...

new version is out on the XDA site. I've made it completely standalone.