Friday, November 28, 2008


battery performance logging program.

A logging program to troubleshoot when and under what conditions the PPC
uses the most power. The program provides a rolling graphical display of the
latest data (Voltage, Current, and Temperaure) as well as saving additional
information into the log file. Log entries can be recorded at 1, 5, and 10 sec
intervals. New to version is a battery Benchmark program.


Copy the cab file to your PPC and Run


1. The program will display the current battery status as soon as it is run.
2. To begin logging, Select Update/Log and select Logging-> Log Location and
enter the storage location for the log file. (the log file may reside
either in main memory of on a storage card. If you place the log file
on a storage card, please see the note below.
3. To start Logging, select Update/Log -> Logging -> Start
4. To Start Logging, Select Update/Log -> Logging -> Stop

What information is logged.

1. a. Date and Time
b. Is AC Charger Attached
c. Battery Voltage
d. Battery Current (Discharge)
e. Battery Temperature
f. Battery level (%)
g. Pertinent System events:
a. Active Application
b. Speaker Phone Activity
c. Phone Radio Off/On
d. Phone Active Data Call (EVDO/1xRTT Activity)
e. No Phone Service
f. Phone Searching For Service
g. Bluetooth Power State On/off
h. Bluetooth Hands Free Audio in use (BT Headphones)
i. Bluetooth Hands Free Control in use (BT HF Headset)
j. WiFi Power On
k. WiFi Connected
l. Bluetooth Connections Count
m. Bluetooth Connections Descriptions
n. Cellular Connections Count
o. Cellular Connections Descriptions
p. Phone Call (Talking)


Please note that if you select the storage card for log storage, when waking
the phone up the phone may take up to several minutes to wake up depending on
the log frequency and length of time the phone has been asleep and whether
power saving is enabled for the Storage Card. This program will continue
sampling in sleep mode so when the PPC resumes all of the data that is in the
cache will be dumped by the OS prior to waking up!

Battery Benchmark Module.

This module places the phone in a standard state (screen and backlight on,
data connection active and Bluetooth radio on and discoverable). Then performs
a 5 minute continuous data download, followed by a 20 minute telephone call.

on the test settings tab of the benchmark module, you can specify a location to
download from, It is currently set to download adobe Reader 9 (I Just looked for
A large file to download) You can also set the telephone number to call and a
keep alive number to dial periodically to keep the call active. Currently the
program is configured to call the TELLME service and dial a 3 digit code every
15 seconds to keep the call Active. TELLME times out in 10 minutes, so the
program actually make two separate 10 minute phone calls. Afterward the report
file will be saved to the location of your choosing....



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