Saturday, November 29, 2008


a small weather app for windows mobile.

I'm not yet ready to release a version as an important feature is still missing (configuring the city where you live ).

It makes use of the weather API and also downloads the images from there.

Goal is to make it as finger friendly as possible, and support multiple resolutions (currently running in VGA) while keeping it simple feature-wise.

Developing under #develop 3.0 with .net CF 2.0 and it's my first Windows Mobile app

- Just unzip anywhere on your PPC

V0.1 beta:
- very early first release, use at your own risk!
- downloads weather data on start
- refresh by pressing the big weather icon
- customizeable only via xml settings file
- language can be changed by changing path (e.g. from .com to .de) of google URL in settings XML
- 2 settings with DE and EN languages available, just copy to the same location as the exe and rename to Settings.xml

Known issues:
- Weather icon download sometimes interrupted and icons get dl'ed only half, reason not known yet -> possible solution, delete cache
- °C / F not changed on using different language URLs, might show wrong units#
- only tested with VGA, no idea how QVGA or other resolutions will look like (the code however should adopt to the resolution)


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