Saturday, November 22, 2008

Notification Repeat Enable

Unread MMS, SMS, MISS CALL and EMAIL alert notification repeat.

Tired of third party software/program just for the repeatative notification? It's worth to spend even 1kb of memories just for the repeatative notification since windows already have it built in.

This is a little registry tweak to enable it. It will not take any memory to run it.


Notification Repeat
Notification Repeat


Alex said...

How often are the repeats? Are the customizable?

oldSAP said...

Hi Alex, the repeat interval is not customizeable and also when i tried it, even after i have read the new sms message, the notification still played :(

Sean said...

That's the question i was going to ask, is there any way to get the notification to stop?

oldSAP said...

The only way (that i've found so far) is to delete the message

Royston said...

I've installed this onto my HTC HD MINI but can't see how to use it. Is it supposed to come up in settings automatically?