Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Haptic Feedback

it's pointless and battery consuming. but i love it - nir36

Currently, there are no options. It's on, or it's off!

run "Haptic Feedback" from the programs menu.

By default, it installs a shortcut to launch at startup, but if you don't like that, delete "\Windows\Startup\HapticFeedback.Startup.lnk".

If Haptic Feedback is already running, starting the link again will cause it to exit.

No external frameworks are required - pure C++
Supports MoDaCo AppToDate

Coming whenever I have enough time to implement it:
Settings - lots!
A settings application
Some features I haven't yet thought about... Suggestions anyone?
Support for keyboard response
Sound on action

No point in a screenshot, as there is no form!

Haptic Feedback

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