Saturday, January 06, 2007

SMSIntercept Update (1/6/07)

This is an update for my SMSIntercept application.

Added features:
- when an unread SMS is received, you have the following options:
1. show the default "Text Messages (1)" label
2. show both the unread SMS content (20 characters) and the sender
3. show the unread SMS's content only
4. show the unread SMS's sender only

- remote control feature using specific SMS message (useful when your phone is not with you).
1. PowerOff - this will turn off you phone when the SMS it receives is the same as the one entered in the PowerOff Code text box.
2. InformMe - when your phone receives an SMS with contents equal to the InformMe Code text box text, it will send an SMS message to the sender containing the number of missed calls, phone number of the last caller, and the name of the last caller.



Anonymous said...

It didn't work on my i-mate SP-JAS (built by HTC). Can someone please contact me on and let me know how to get this cool piece of software working ?
Thanks in advance,

oldSAP said...

Hello Harsha, what error did you encounter when using this software? Let's try to make it work on your smartphone :)

Phil said...


Is there a way to start you app on every boot in Hide mode (Backgound Process) ?

Many thanks,

Regards from Switzerland

oldSAP said...

Hello Phil, as of now, there is still no way to hide it at startup. I haven't been able to read on that process yet. Sorry.

Phil said...


I've found a little tool to start your app in hide mode see it at :

btw: it is ossible to have a new version where i can also hie a custom prefix text when a new text message arrived.
I would like to have "SMS : (0)" as text for no new message and "SMS : " and the number + sender when a message is here

oldSAP said...

Thanks for the info Phil. I'll try to recode the app.

Iris said...

Everytime I use an application of yours, my thought is: "Why the h*ll nobody thought of making one app like this before?"

The only bug that I found is that when I receive an SMS from an unknow number, the app uses the name of the last sender that was in my Contacts. For example if I receive an SMS from my friend "Mary" who's in my phonebook and then an SMS from an unknown number, it will display "Mary".

However, it is a great application and the most amazing thing is that it even displays the sender's name on my external screen (I have Qtek 8500) whick is extra useful to me!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oldSAP said...

I'm glad you liked this app Iris. I'll check the code and see if i can fix the bug you mentioned. Thank you again for trying out my application :)

Hans said...

I installed this app, worked nice, but when I remove it from my phone, I don't have a SMS-plugin on any of my homescreens anymore!
How can I fix this??

oldSAP said...

Hi Hans, try a soft reset

Marek said...

Hi, I tried running SMSIntercept on Samsung Blackjack with WM6 and I get following error when there is a new message:




at ...

oldSAP said...

Hi marek, i think i haven't coded the application very well. i'll try to fix this :)
in the mean time, would you care to try my SMS Chat application?

Anonymous said...

The same problem
exists on iPAQ 514 WM6.


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Anonymous said...

this link will not download anymore. is there some way to still get this program?

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