Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This homescreen plugin installs a Bluetooth and WiFi icon in the homescreen to switch on/off.

Unlike other plugins, i tried to make it look pretty including 2 alpha-transparent icons to blend smoothly with your background - see image for proof.

DISCLAIMER: I will not assume any responsibility for any damage this software may cause to your phone and/or your personal data.

- Windows Mobile 5 only (won't even start on older versions).
- Install in internal memory - storage card installation is untested.
- May require phone unlock.

- Plugins height is fixed to 40 pixels
- WiFi icon may not appear even when WiFi card is present (tested on iMate SP5m).
- WiFi switching is very experimental and probably will not work on your phone. In addition it may cause other WiFi problems until reboot (does so on my test phone).

== HOW TO USE ==
< clsid="{42661036-6FE8-4194-B549-3CC38D8B90C9}" align="left">

The CAB installs a sample xml in the homescreens folder called "cctest.home.xml"
The align attribute is supported, with the following values:
- left: align to left
- right: align to right
- center: horizontal center in screen
- borders: BT icon to the left, WiFi icon to the right
Plugin can be translated by adding the following attributes:
- str_bt0: translation for "Disable Bluetooth"
- str_bt1: translation for "Enable Bluetooth"
- str_bt1d: translation for "Set discoverable"
- str_wifi0: translation for "Disable Wi-Fi"
- str_wifi1: translation for "Enable Wi-Fi"
For an example translating the "Set discoverable" string to italian, see this snippet:
< clsid="{42661036-6FE8-4194-B549-3CC38D8B90C9}" align="left" str_bt1d="Bluetooth raggiungibile">

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