Saturday, January 20, 2007


PocketPicture allows you to turn your pocket PC into canvas and easel and be creative everywhere. It is useful to draw small icons as well as painting or editing rather big images (scrolling and zooming is supported).


* Pencil & brushes of different width,
* Air brush
* Gas brush (with blurred edges)
* Blur brush (watering)
* Semitransparent brush (to add tint to existing pixels)
* Selection copying, moving, resizing, cropping, rotating and flipping
* Lines, ellipsis, rectangles
* Flood fill with customizable tolerance
* Undo / redo
* Zoom in / zoom out
* Select color from palette, from picture (with pipette), by RGB numbers or with Hue-Saturation-Value control (HSV seems to work only on WM 5.0)

It requires Microsoft .NET framework 2 installed. You can download and use it free. Sources available under LGPL license.


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