Friday, January 05, 2007


Smache is a self-contained solution for paperless geocaching on a Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

By importing GPX files from pocket queries generated by, you can keep a very extensive database of caches up-to-date and ready for instant access any time.
Smache Database Features...

* Show all geocache data from Groundspeak GPX files including type, size, difficulty and terrain ratings, descriptions, hints, logs, travelbugs and more.
* Import LOC files and non-Groundspeak GPX files as waypoints.
* View caches grouped by location filters that you create.
* Record your visits to and notes about caches and keep them linked to the cache.
* Maintain multiple cache databases.
* Filter cache lists by over a dozen different contexts.
* Mark caches as bookmarked, ignored, or unavailable.
* Sort caches by distance from a given point.
* View cache details in Smache - no switching between programs.
* Show the hint decrypted or hide it until you need it.
* Link to the online cache page at
* Export caches and waypoints to many formats including GPX, LOC, Shapefile, MS Streets & Trips Pushpins, Mapopolis Landmarks and others.
* See stale caches (caches that haven't been in a GPX import for some time) so that you are aware that they may be unavailable.
* More...

Smache Navigation Features...

* Navigate to the cache with the built-in map, compass and destination guide.
* Connect to a GPS for close-range navigation.
* Collect and save tracks and averaged waypoints.
* Create new waypoints by inputting coordinates.
* See a cache's additional waypoints in relation to the cache.
* More...

Smache Utility Features...

* Find the distance from one lat/long point to another.
* Convert a lat/long coordinate pair between common lat/long formats.
* Encrypt and Decrypt hint text.
* More...



Anonymous said...

The ZIP file you are linking to isn't actually Smache, its a PC utility that complements Smache. You can get the Smache pocket pc app at

oldSAP said...

thanks for the help :)

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