Friday, January 12, 2007


Private Pete is in trouble! Aliens are invading our outer space outposts and only Private Pete is able to defeat them!

Help this brave soldier to blast the alien scum out of existence by placing bombs and evading enemy attacks!

Bored? Frustrated? Dont't be!
Plant bombs with your stylus and watch big explosions on the small screen!

Xplodus features a radically new control method which suits the on-screeen action perfectly and makes action gaming on the PDA a breeze!

Game details
* Adrenaline pumping space-action gameplay
* Radically new stylus control designed for PDA users
* Colorful graphics full of wacky aliens and exotic space locales
* More than 15 types of aliens to defeat!
* Hundreds of levels providing endless action
* Play as you like: be strategic or use brute force!
* Extensive game tips for first-time players
* Keep your best scores in the Hall of Fame!
* Small application size - does not burden your PDA


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