Wednesday, January 17, 2007


SMS Voter is perfect for instant feedback via SMS for a range of activities including seminars, where to hang out with mates, Prize Draws etc... It collates votes sent from any SMS capable phone.

SMS Voter 2.0 is designed to manage adhoc SMS/Text based polls collating SMS Text votes sent from any phone capable of sending Text messages.

SMS Voter 2.0 itself must run on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 (or greater) Smartphones or Pocket PC Phones.
SMS Voter 2.0 supports

1. Collating votes sent from any phone capable of sending a SMS Text Message.
2. 10 Polls with their own score criteria.
3. Polls can be independently opened or closed.
4. Anonymous and identifiable votes.
5. Three vote types: First Vote Wins, Last Vote Wins, Allow Multiple Votes.
6. Prize Draws - randomly selects a submitted vote.
7. Exporting poll data to Excel

This application will only run on a Windows Mobile Version 5 (or later) Smartphone and requires a memory card to be installed in the phone.


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