Monday, January 22, 2007


With MyCallogs v1.0 Beta Version, you can sync your call
logs on your device database to desktop ,doing so you can add/edit/delete on log

database and can use it for archiving purposes. It can be quite easy to manage
your callogs with program just click sync and your logs would be displayed on
the desktop companion. Easily calculate total call times ,filter them on a date
basis and import/export as a plain text, CSV or xml database. You can even
calculate your monthly bills or track your long calls.

Full automated sync from Desktop Companion

Store Call Logs in plain text, CSV or xml database

Import /export logs to other programs

Sort Call logs by Name

Sort Call logs by Date

Sort Call logs by Number

Sort Call logs by Number Type

Sort Call logs by Duration

Sort Call logs by Call Type (Missed, Outgoing, Incoming)

Filter Logs by Start Date, Finish Date, Start - Finish Date

Calculate Total Calling Time

Calculate Total Calling Time on date basis

Manage Multiple Callogs

Freeware, no ad ware or hidden gems


Microsoft .Net Framework Redistributable v1.1 ~ 25 MB


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