Tuesday, January 27, 2009

draftEzy - Free Version

Draw as you move, Walls & Gaps among the new features which makes draftEzy an easy tool for drafting existing conditions.

Feature list
True Free form. (Draw as you like - main area Or sub area as you feel comfortable. Insert the objects inside wall. Collect the data. Draw the floor plan in any number of pieces. Drag & drop area definition.)
Draw as you move. (Draw the wall, Insert objects, Collect the data ... Proceed to next. True free form sketching.)
Edit in place. (Worry about difficult editing process. Just tap & change. Its done.)
Walls & Gaps. (Worry about keeping the objects like door & windows in place. Software keeps track of all changes and free the user from cumulative editing changes.)
Layers. (Use the same space in windows mobile to draw any number of floors. Just one click show/hide of working layer, Protect the user from making accidental changes to sleeping layers (Other floor) & many more...)
Auto Save & Fit to screen (All changes is saved for recovery. Allways fit to screen & zoom makes it easy in Windows mobile.)
Infinite (single step) Undo - Redo. (Single step infinite undo - redo. Its Zoom & Scale aware, restore to any working scale or zoom.)
Grid & Filters. (Draw like in graph paper with working grid. Filter objects and items to avoid clutter.)
Area calculation. (Drag & Drop area calculation. Data for room collected using the label & populated combo box.)
key board drawing. (More than 30 functionalities using keyboard. Undo - Redo, Scale, Zoom, Scroll X-Y, Bulge, etc... Complete basic drawing just suing keyboard. Mouse functionality also improved with Zoom, Scale, Undo - Redo, Bulge etc using mouse wheel.)
Gestures. (Easy drawing in Tablet pc with inking. See the video above...)
Clone , Move, Translate. (Clone the drawing, Move drawing, Rotate drawing all brand - x features.)
Measured point. (Place wall, sub areas etc... at exact location using a measured point. It can also change the wall direction in just one click to the commonly used angles. See the video above...)
Re Open @ Break @. (Add the wall at any point.)
Dynamic input & output measurement system change. (User can switch between Feet , Inches, Feet & Inch, Meter dynamically while drawing the floor plan using key board. Zoom & Scale can also be changed while drawing the walls.)
Allways center sketch. (Drawing allways scroll automatically & keep the sketch center.)
Area breakdown.
Easy bulge. (Mouse wheel & Keyboard (Using arrow keys), Keyboard value input, Pulling the mid point, Edit in place...)
Improved task pane. (Shows all the information for the user including Rise & Run, Absolute angle, Joint angle, Bearing, Length, Area on closure, Perimeter on closure etc...)
Roof. (Roof data collection and simple 3D view on site.)
Advanced property dialog. (All the properties of the object can be set using the property dialogs. User can navigate to other objects also.)
Reports. (Easy data collection and export to web format.)
Export to image formats. (Export to common image formats.)

Free version will include all the basic features for drafting existing conditions. The bundle does not include the TAB version and new features will be addaed as the new versions is released. Please feel free to download the free version by going to our download section.


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