Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mobile Registry Editor

Access and modify your PPC's registry remotely from Windows

It is perhaps both a curse and a blessing that Windows Mobile is fast becoming the number one mobile operating system. Most of us use Windows at home and in the office so the interface, applications and settings on a Pocket PC are familiar. Unfortunately, so are some of the problems we encounter.

This is the reason that Mobile Registry Editor is a great tool. As you’re most likely aware, a huge number of problems with your Windows desktop machine can be fixed via changes to the registry. Similarly, the registry may well need ‘cleaning’ or at least some sort of inspection from time to time as a way of making sure it doesn’t contain redundant or malicious entries. The same applies to your Windows Mobile device. Mobile Registry Editor allows you to explore the complete registry database, make changes and add or delete keys as required. Its interface is pretty much identical to that of RegEdit, with just the addition of some minor extra features, ‘favorites’ being the most useful.

While Mobile Registry Editor doesn’t contain any automated tools (such as ‘clean registry’ for example), it is still a potentially very useful utility for advanced users. It should be stressed, however, that less experienced users should exercise caution using tools of this type – both on their desktop computers and Windows Mobile devices – to avoid causing damage to their operating system.

In all, Mobile Registry Editor is a simple and well designed tool for managing your Pocket PC’s registry, but it is not recommended to beginner-level users.

Mobile Registry Editor

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