Friday, January 30, 2009

WM GoHome Beta

Have you lost your smart phone? Has it been stolen? Has it GPS module?
You are a happy man, if you have WM GoHome installed there.

You can find it thanks to WM GoHome. WM GoHome will helps you to locate your smartphone via SMS messages, even if the SIM card will be changed.

WM GoHome is application works like service. It is waiting for special SMS message that processing depends on the parameters sent in this message. After receiving this message, WMGH (WM GoHome) initialize GPS receiver and sends SMS message with current location, altitude and speed to the phone number, it received the initializaction message from.

WM GoHome is mainly intended for localisation of the device, but it can do much more.

Via special SMS messages you can easy control the remote device. WMGH can start predefined applications, can change the device configuration or send another informations to the predefined phone numbers.

WM GoHome

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