Thursday, January 15, 2009


One touch registry hacks.

What it does is simple: It turns on or off specific registry hacks, like turns on/off the "Dialer Skin", changes the SMS Threading view, disables/enables shozuRCP, etc. The program is in a very alpha stage, but at least it works.
Current features:
XML based config file
Set named dword and string attributes
Delete named attributes
On/Off type switches
Soft reset feature with confirmation dialog
Phone commands
Skinning support
What you won't like / possible improvements later:
more types of switches
improved registry editing
more types of editing (not only registry editing, but for example XML editing as well)
more actions

Phone commands support
Tabbed support
Skinning support
Native code
Arbitrary button size support
Separate button sizes for portrait/landscape

Initial Version


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