Saturday, January 24, 2009


Whiskers is an educational PocketPC application under the GNU/GPL license which tries to exploit all the hardware available on most common PDAs providing a link between different features such as GPS-Bluetooth-Wireless.

Generally whiskers was built with radio reconnaissance in mind as help for geocachers or wardrivers but also as penetration and audit tool. There is support for in depth device scanning, triggering actions based on filters when certain devices are in range, centralized GPS logging with search functions for private or public databases and much more.

WM5 onward
Compact Framework 3.5
Microsoft Bluetooth Stack (?)

Continuous scanning for Wireless and Bluetooth
Device logging (open, save etc..)
Bluejacking (two supported methods, more to come soon).
Device scripting, triggering specific actions when a device is in range based on filters such as device name, address, device class (laptop, phone, smartphone whatever...).
GPS logging with centralized database
Ability to contribute to the database: scan and upload to the central database.
Searching for devices in the database by name, address and Wireless or Bluetooth radio.
More to come :-)


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