Monday, January 26, 2009

ZM Dialer

It's a program that'll automatically dial the specified phone, when you want, how many times you want, and for how long you want.

Number = Number to dial (don't forget to put the withhold your number code if you want to stay anonymous)
Max Dials = Maximum amount of phone calls
Delay Before Dialing = Seconds delay before the phone starts dialing... ie the program won't activate until XXXX seconds time.
Connect Time = Seconds from start of dialing to ending the call ... 10 seconds is good for mobile to mobile.
Dialing Interval = Seconds between dials ....


Terminate Dialing of Answer Detect = To minimise cost and it's pointless to irritate the persons voicemail, This is ticked as default as if the 'far end' answers, the program detects it, hangs up and stops dialing and deactivates 'Stay Awake' (second picture)..... it monitors SystemProperty.PhoneCallTalking if you're intereasted.
SpeakerPhone On = Activates the speaker automatically on every call.
Keep Awake = Stops the phone hibernating, once it's reached the max dials, this will untick and the phone will hibernate.

ZM Dialer

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