Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FingerMenu v1.08

a new program for our windows mobile devices that replaces the standard menu with one more finger-friendly.

The program is very simple. It consists of three parts:

1) FingerMenuDll.dll: a dll that is injected into process which menu we want to change
2) FingerMenuCTRL.exe: the program that actually show the finger friendly menu and interact with injected dll
3) FingerMenuCLOSE.exe: a simple program that close FingerMenuCTRL.

For now, you have to manually configure the application through the registry.
The installed cab creates a registry key under HKLM\Software\FingerMenu with two values

SelColor (REG_SZ): color of selected menu item expressed as RGB string (i.e. "0 38 255")
ScanTimeInterval (REG_DWORD): interval in milliseconds of injection procedure (default to 3 sec). Reduce it if you want less delay at application startup.

For each application you want to apply new menu, you have to create a new registry key under HKLM\Software\FingerMenu with a progressive number.
These are default registry keys created by cab installer



These two registry keys enable the new menu for Manila 2D and fexplore (only softkey menus, for now, sorry).
ClassName: windows class name of main program window (usually)
Enabled: 0 or 1 if you want to disable or enable.

Keep attention, registry keys start with App1, App2, ..., AppN. Numbers must be consecutive.
You can find windows class name using the good taskmanager from FdcSoft.

To start the application, tap on it in programs (under FingerMenu folder), or you can even add it to startup folder.

v1.0) initial release
v1.01) bug fix
- more bug fix
- added more registry key to control menu colors

- only one instance allowed
- double menu fix (to be tested)

- introduced transparency level for background
- bitmap converted to PNG with transparency (removed TransparentColor registry value because no more used)
- more bugfix

- a lot of bugfixes
- configuration by program name instead of window class name

- smooth scroll correction

v1.07) Revolution
- changed the way the program works (no more standard menu)
- support for SIP menu
- more similar to Opal SIP Menu
- support for WQVGA (like Omnia)

- AppToDate support (not tested!!!)
- Exclusion list
- Autostart at windows boot (after cab install)
- png updated from Kraize work (thanks a lot!!)


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