Sunday, August 30, 2009

977Music Mobile Radio

977Music Mobile Radio is yet another internet radio station for people who have unlimited data plan and an earpiece.

Enjoy unlimited free listening! Listen to the music you want - just select a channel and enjoy the clear sound of 977Music internet radio plays your favorites hits live 24/7. This program has been fully tested on HTC Touch Pro. You can also listen to 977Music on the web at

977Music logo, and music channels in this application are property of Club 977, Inc.

This version has new enhancements:

What's New?

* Added The Hitz channel
* Now you can contact me directly from your phone to report any problems, send comments, etc.
* Notify your friends that you are using 977Music Mobile Radio via SMS
* Check for updates automatically when the application loads and also allow users to check for new updates manually

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET CF v2.0
Unlimited Data Plan
Screen resolution 480 x 640 or 240 x 320 recommended

977Music Mobile Radio

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