Monday, August 24, 2009


SMSSender is a group SMS sending software.

With this Software you can send a SMS to a contacts list. Contacts list can be a

textfile, a CSV file or can be add manually.

For add manual contact just enter numbers with semicolon seperated format & press add button.

For add contacts with txt file, just enter one number per line & import file within software.

For add contacts with CSV file,export your numbers sheet to CSV & import file within software.

- Compatible with Windows mobile 5/6

- Support both VGA & QVGA screens

- Very fast sms sending

- Load Contact list form CSV file.

- Load Contact list form txt file.

- Delay option for pause sms sending.

- Export contact list to txt file.

- manage sent & failed contacts.

- Show sms length

- Allow user to add number manually


- .Net Compact Framework 2.0 or higher


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