Tuesday, August 04, 2009


A Skinnable Shutdown App

A fully skinnable (see post #2) shutdown application that asofiker asked me to come up with a long time ago and I've finally got it finished. It's written in Native Win32 C++, so the load speed is PDQ.

Shutdown actually works.*
Fully skinnable, will work in any resolution.
Full screen mode.
Sleep / Light's out modes
Command Line (see "Usage").
*Should work on HTC devices since the Kaiser, I'm open to try and add support to non HTC devices. PM me if you can help.

Usage (Command line):
You can call xdaShutdown command line as follows:
xdaShutdown /restart [/warn] - Soft resets the device.
xdaShutdown /shutdown [/warn] - Power off the device.
xdaShutdown /sleep - Put the device in Sleep mode.
xdaShutdown /lightsout - Turn off the screen.

/warn - issues a warning before performing the action.


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