Thursday, August 20, 2009

GPS Location

Send your location via sms or email as Google Maps Link

Whats the application about:
This application finds your location via GPS (provided you have a internal or external GPS).

Then you have the option to:
1. Send an SMS
2. Send an Email
3. Create a Note
4. Send to Clipboard
your location as just plain coordinates (40.089821,22.567634) (can be copied to search field)
or better as a Google Maps Link

The persons who receives your SMS or Email can click on the google maps link and they will directly see your location on google maps.
You can use Pocket Outlook or Flexmail as your email sending app. You can choose the account that will be used and you can a default recipient.
When sending the email you will be prompted to add a recipient. The default recipient you have set up will be proposed. You can change it or browse through your contacts to choose another email.

You can keep an note with your current location and add your own notes. Date and time automatically added in the note.
You can copy the location to the clipboard and paste it anywhere you want or you can just phone someone and tell him your location.

So if you're still on vacation why not send your location to your friends!!!

Known Issues:
When moving fast (in a car) then your location shown is about 5 seconds back. So when you stop somewhere it keeps refreshing till it reaches your current position. It takes about 5 secs.

Just install the cab on the device or storage card. When upgrading then you have to install the app on the same location to keep the settings OR copy the settings.txt file to your new location.

GPS Location

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