Sunday, August 30, 2009


ZLaunchy was written mainly for those who like the way Windows Mobile dialer allows searching for contacts in a T9-like way - so that finding Adam means choosing 2326 in the phone application.

ZLaunchy uses the same idea to run programs on your device. What it does is gives you a dialer keypad and when you type in a series of digits, it searches for all programs that match - for example to start Internet Explorer, start typing 4683 - Internet Explorer and Internet Sharing should show up in the result list.

This application performs a search using all items in the Start Menu. It also skips showing application icons, which causes it to work faster than usual application launchers. This makes ZLaunchy a perfect candidate for an application that's bound to a hardware key (using system settings) and have it always handy when you want to find an application quickly. change setting to keep your device alive and tend to reset without quitting them. This app will restore settings to your preferred ones.


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