Monday, November 02, 2009


(Yet another Screen Blocker) Has lots of features

CC requires the .Net Framework version 3.5. It has been tested on my Sprint Touch Pro with the original rom and Sprint's updated ROM. It has also been tested on the AT&T Fuze Original ROM.

Here's a list of features in this beta version:
Battery Meter
Tasks current / overdue
Scratch Caller Picture to answer and ignore incoming calls (Scratch down 50% to answer scratch horizontal 50% to send to voicemail.
Next calendar appointment
Caller Id info with name and number
Caller Picture
Unlock when Keyboard is slide out (Display orientation changes).
Unlock on charge or computer connection
Close phone Dialer when hang up occurs
Shell notifications audible alert works
Unlock when receiving call while syncing
Change screen BackColor when screen or caller picture is pressed while unlocking.
Display 12 hour clock with date
Display Service Location (Home Roam NoSVC, Search)
Display active signal strength
Display current speaker volume setting
Battery Friendly (No Timers to reduce battery life)
Exclude some applications from CC locking the screen (Safe Programs) Don't put in activesync or cc will never lock screen.
Do Not Distrub feature
Initially lock when in call
Configurable options Double Click X to close and hit setup button
Remain unlocked when call recv'd and keyboard is out
Displays status of current data connection eg EVDO 1X EDGDE etc.

The cab file that is attached will cause CC to start when your system starts and puts an icon under programs.


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