Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flash Pimp Clock

A different visual clock, to read the hours see the left vertical columns and for the minutes see the right 5-rows columns.

To use:
- 5 colors to choose from, just press the bottom bar to change colors.
- If you prefer a 12-hour clock, simply click the left numbers after 13h.
- Exit with enter (keypad) or by pressing the top-right area.
- See the "normal" digital clock and date by pressing anywhere else on the screen.

- Needs FLASH 7, if it doesnt exit properly, you dont have it.
- Attached the CAB, already with the WM6.5 icon on install.
- Also added a separated swf file, to see it run on your NOKIA, PC or Throttle Launcher..

Flash Pimp Clock

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