Friday, November 06, 2009


Titanium Music Player Control

PlayIt! is a Windows Phone 6.5 Titanium plugin to control and display the status of S2P or Nitrogen.
PlayIt! is the continuation of CS2P.

WM 6.5 Professional with the Titanium (CHome) interface
S2P v0.72-beta or higher -
Mortscript 4.2
JMLPanex v2.10 or higher -

Default skin works for all Resolutions, portrait and landscape
Uses JMLPanex for button press detection

Extract the contents of the Zip file to your hard drive
Copy the CAB file to your device.
On your device, run any File Explorer application; go to the folder where the
CAB file was copied to; run the CAB file.
PlayIt! will be installed, you may set up the plugin at any time.
NOTE! If CS2P was installed previously, the install will kill and delete the 24/7 script that was running when it was installed
You should uninstall CS2P when using PlayIt!

PlayIt! enables a registry change notification (s2pcheck.exe, nitrogencheck.exe).
They monitor the status of S2P and Nitrogen and update the panel.
This means no script is running 24/7.

The plugin has 1 page/panel
There are 4 buttons on the panel
Open Player
Right softkey will go to the setup page

Each button functions differently when the player is running or not running
Not Running
"Previous", "Play/Pause", or "Next" starts the player, then minimizes it
"Open Player" starts the player, does not minimize it

"Previous", "Play/Pause", or "Next" are what they are
"Open Player" opens the player window

The behavior and look of PlayIt! can be altered by accessing the settings page, via the right softkey.
The current value is shown in parenthesis
Player: Set the music player for PlayIt! to control
Skin: Change the skin
Vibration: Enable/disable vibration feedback
Language: Change the language
Refresh Titanium: Refreshes/reloads the Titanium interface in case of glitches or errors
Exit Setup: Exits the setup page


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