Monday, November 02, 2009


Run With Argument

small application that allows to run any other *.exe file with arguments...for some reasons it can be useful especially when working on HTC devices... especially when You're Xperia user and wanted to map XPanel Button

- argument is saved in config file that has the same filename as rwa.exe file but with extension: *.txt
(ex RWA.exe -> RWA.txt, AWR.exe -> AWR.txt, 123.exe->123.txt etc...)
that function allows to have multi RWAs in system, without conflicts...

- the config file is built as:


so the first line is absolute path to file,
second line is argument that will be used when launching new process...

- run RWA with any argument to enable logger

12:45:39 _____________________NEW__ATTEMPT____________________
12:45:39 The Log filename is: RWA1log.txt
12:45:39 Trying to open Registry
12:45:40 RWA filename: RWA1.exe
12:45:40 RWA config filename: RWA1.txt
12:45:40 RWA1.txt config file exists... reading it...
12:45:40 process filename is: windows\notes.exe|
12:45:40 process file argument is: -n|
12:45:40 Trying to start process


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