Friday, November 06, 2009 Backup

a program to backup and restore Wisbar Advanced Desktop theme

1) This is ApptoDate compatible

2) Your storage Card must be called "Storage Card"

3) This is Sashimi Compatible
Even if you dont use sashimi it will work

4) You must have mortscript installed
You can find that here

5) This DOES NOT overwrite your themes, this will first delete the theme completely, then copy your theme over.
This is done so that your not adding, and adding, features to a theme that do not belong.
Example, You deleted your page games.
but your last back up had the page games.
If We did not delete the entire theme, the page games would still be there plus your newest theme.

6) This does not copy over images, as people store their images in various locations.

7) This program runs in the background, and will alert you when the back up is complete.

8) The more themes in your THEME directory, the longer it will take. Backup

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