Wednesday, November 04, 2009


fast module to file conversion

This tool will do all these steps for me.
Just select parameters:
1. Folder - folder with modules, for example SYS\21872,
2. Mask (optional) - any mask that is valid in windows is acceptable,
(common masks are *.dll, *.cpl, *.exe, *.mui), no mask means "*".
3. Count (optional) - how many modules to convert, no count means "convert all".


Example 1:
>RecModFolder.exe c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054
means - RecMod all modules in c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054 recursive


Example 2:
>RecModFolder.exe c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054 *.exe
means - RecMod all exe modules in c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054 recursive


Example 3:
>RecModFolder.exe c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054 *.dll 10
means - RecMod first 10 dll modules in c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054 recursive



read parameters from command line
find all modules in given folder (recursive) using given mask
for each module folder
call RecMod
create temporary unique file name (GUID for safety reason)
move new file to parent folder and assign it temporary name
delete module folder (with all files)
rename new file, give it real module name
if (count >= requested count)
make sure you can run RecMod from console, add its folder to PATH or drop RecModFolder.exe to the same folder.
That's it.

You can create shortcut to RecModFolder and drop folders on it from explorer or Total Commander. RecModFolder will convert all modules in that folder to files.

Backup your files. This tool doesn't ask any questions,
it just informs you in case of error and stops immediately.
Save log file and check it for errors.

This is console application - you can use it in bat files.

You can save output of this program to text file - add >fileName.txt to your command line.
RecModFolder.exe c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054 *.dll 10 >log.txt
this command will call RecMod first 10 dll modules in c:\xda\v1\SYS\21054 recursive
and save its output to log.txt.

Do not open folders you want to delete (replace with files) in explorer (or Total Commander, FAR, etc.) while this program works.


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