Thursday, November 12, 2009


SuperCounter is a small application created to help you keep in mind the numbers you are counting.

You can reset the counter at anytime and you can turn of your phone and continue the counting the next day.... It saves the numbers....

SuperCounter is freeware but you can donate to the project using paypal.
If you donate 4 euro or more you will get some extra features in the aapplication. You will recive a key-file that will give you the posibillity to logg all your counting in a log, internal wiever for logfile inside SuperCounter and a windows-application that can show and print (and export to PDF) your log.


- Tap Green button to count.
- Tap Red button to reset.
- Tap Help to show Information.
- Tap LOG to show log-window and LOG-commands(Only for donators).


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