Thursday, November 05, 2009

ToDo List

This is a program to organize todo's/tasks.

Views based on grouping by date, folder etc.
Filter out completed task
Items can be
Flagged so they stand out
Have priority and risk attached
Can be recurring
Can be exported to Pocket outlook
Can have status and categories
Can have completion percentage
Can have estimated time attached
If the list files are kept in the My Documents folder, they will be synchronized between the desktop and the mobile version.

In order to add categories and status options, you enter settings from the file menu. There you can also set whether you want to show the details or the comments (notes) for the item.
If the field is too short, it can be adjusted by dragging the divider line between the field and the list.
There is a shortcut toolbar that can be shown by clicking on the ^, next to Filter on the toolbar.
To edit an item, tap and hold to get the menu.

ToDo List

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