Tuesday, July 13, 2010


KD-Font will allow the user to change the fonts for the Windows Mobile OS and/or the Sense (TF3D) UI.


Q: What are the system requirements for KD-Font?
1) WM6 or higher (6.1, 6.5, 6.5.X)
2) .NETCF 3.5

Q: Are there any special installation instructions?
A: If you have used one of the Font CABs, please uninstall it and soft reset BEFORE installing KD-Font.

Q: Is KD-Font uninstallable?
A: Yes. KD-Font can be uninstalled via “Start > Settings > System > Remove Programs”. This will remove the app, and restore the default fonts to the device.

Q: Are there any special uninstallation instructions?
A: Yes, for now. Prior to uninstalling KD-Font, make sure you Restore Default fonts to the device. This will be addressed in a future build.
@C++ DEVS – I’m in the process of creating a custom setup.dll and could use a couple pointers (no pun intended) on removing specific files on uninstall. PM me if you can help. Thanks!!!

Q: I forgot to Restore Default fonts before uninstalling! What do I do?
A: Install and uninstall the “Restore Default Fonts” CAB attached to this Post.

Q: Can I install KD-Font to my SD card?

Q: Can I apply different fonts to WM and/or Sense (TF3D)?

Q: Will this work on any build of Sense/TF3D?
A: KD-Font should change the font for any build of Sense/TF3D. If you experience issues with fonts not changing appropriately, please PM me with details.


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