Monday, July 26, 2010


A friendly manager for your Outlook Tasks

SpoonDo! is a simple application for Windows Mobile, designed to replace the default Outlook Tasks functionality.
Unlike the default tasks application, SpoonDo! is finger friendly, so everything can be done without using the stylus.
SpoonDo! presents the tasks in different folders distinguishing between different type of tasks.
By clicking on a folder, a list of tasks is presented – sorted by the due dates of the tasks (if exist).
Using the arrows enables easy browsing between folders and tasks.
SpoonDo! holds a simple method for adding and modifying existing tasks, so that using the Outlook tasks will become simple and effective.
When adding or modifying a Task, it’s very easy to enter the details, including optional information such as priority, due date and reminders.
The ‘Urgent Tasks’ folder presents tasks from all categories which are due to end soon.

* Finger friendly user interface
* Arrange tasks in different folders
* Easy task creation
* Special view for urgent tasks


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