Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sorry I'M Late

People are always in a hurry to get somewhere. A common issue is to inform someone waiting for us that we are, let’s say, a bit late and maybe reassure him that we will be there in some time. It would be great if we could send a message to that someone telling him our approximate location and an estimate time to reach the destination ( maybe along with some excuses )

Sorry I'M Late was developed to achieve this task. This application allows a user to get his aproximate location and then send it to someone else though an SMS.

Some features:
* Doesn't require GPS antenna
* Finger friendly UI thanks to SenseSDK from Steady Software
* Call history access to guess the most probable recipients
* Native SMS application used to send message to allow last minute changes
* Currently localized in English and Italian

Sorry I'M Late

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