Tuesday, July 06, 2010

WoL Everywhere

Software to remote start PC's over Lan or Internet

To use WoL over lan, you do not need anything else like WoL configured on your nic / BIOS and a connection to your (home-)network with your device (over W-Lan...)

If you want to use WoL over the Internet you have to do some more things:
Configure WoL on your Network Card
You have to activate WOL on your network-card! If your network-card is a newer one, you can probably set up this option at Device-Manager --> right click on your network-card --> Advanced --> Somewhere at the options there (look for WoL, Magic Packets, Remote start, ...)
At older PC's I often saw this option in system BIOS...
Sometimes I had to do both of these things to get WoL working as well...
Configure Port-Forwarding on your Router (Directed Broadcast)
You have to forward a port on your router (e.g. port 7) to your local-network-broadcast-address... (If the IP of the "WoL" - Computer is then the broadcast-address is most likely
Set up WoL everywhere with public ip and forwarded board
Fill in the field IP into my program with the public (outside)- ip of your router (or the DynDNS-Domain-Name) and the forwarded port into port.
Start your PC's
If you set up everything correctly, you should be able to start your PC's from wherever you want, and whenever you want

WoL Everywhere

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