Friday, July 16, 2010


File system and registry discovery tool

Kheb allows you to see exactly what changes any software makes on your Pocket PC. It works by taking complete snapshots of your PPC's state, and creating a diff file that shows the changes between snapshots.

Kheb is a useful tool for software developers, ROM chefs, and advanced users.

Examples of useful stuff Kheb can do
• Shows you where an application places its files - for example, sometimes the executable and shortcuts are placed in obscure locations, with Kheb you can always find them.
• Security – See for yourself if dubious applications install sneaky registry settings to auto-load, or if they leave traces behind after being uninstalled.
• Helps create a custom CAB or OEM package based on an existing CAB, even if the CAB uses setup.dll to run code during installation. Great for aspiring ROM Chefs.
• Gives you a deeper understanding of how system settings work under the hood.
• Tells you exactly where an application hides its "registration information" after you enter a valid serial number. It can help you avoid going through annoying registration schemes over and over. Note that Kheb isn’t a hacking tool – you still need to properly register first, though Kheb could be used to easily create pre-registered releases.
• Helps you learn – if you’re a software developer, studying real-life examples of registry changes will let you find interesting and useful hooks into the system that you can use in your own software.


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