Monday, July 19, 2010


Overclock Raphael/Diamond/Topaz/Rhodium/Blackstone/Whitestone

Supported devices
- Raphael
- Diamond
- Rhodium
- Topaz
- Blackstone
- Whitestone
- More?

- The CPU speed is calculated from the actual clock registers, not via some dll or shady method.
- CPU speed is updated every 250ms (I haven't seen it auto-scale to other frequencies yet, but kept this feature from LeoCpuSpeed).
- A small dot blinks on each update so that you can see if your device hangs or not.
- Under- or overclock by moving the slider

Notes on overclocking
2) Only works while connected to AC power
3) The "604MHz" OC frequency is a special one. Only with this frequency set, you can remove AC power without having a lockup. So: after you overclock and want to remove your USB cable, set it to 604MHz first! You'll see it go back to the default 528MHz a second after you remove the cable. That's something the device does, not my app.
4) Overclocking while on battery gives insta-hang (for me).
5) "Apply at boot" is disabled as under- or overclock would hang at boot.

When using TCPMP to benchmark the overclock, be aware that this tool overclocks the CPU, not the GPU.


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