Saturday, July 17, 2010


Tabbed text editor with online Search feature

NotepadWS is a notepad-like application with TABS feature and some interesting tools such as the WEB SEARCH.

The Web Search (context menu) allows you to get google, wiki or dictionary contents about the word or text selected from NotepadWS,
it could be a good way to perform your search quickly and easily!

- Edit up to four different text files in the same session.
- Switch from one tab to another with just one click.
- Ability to add or remove tool bars at any time.
- Configure each tab separately.
- Online search of selected word or text; google search, wiki search, dictionary.
ver 2.0
- Open file and Save file dialogs completely redesigned to be more useful and finger-friendly
- Settings page added
ver 2.5
- File association works propely
- Supported max file size extended
- Word-wrap options added
- Copy and paste between different tabs added
- Cmd exit added
- Editor and menus improved
- Bug on launching online dictionary fixed

- Windows Mobile 5.0 or later
- Touchscreen device
- VGA or higher resolution screen
- .NET Compact Framework 3.5


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