Thursday, September 24, 2009


GPS Application Plugin for Titanium

Logs your GPS Coordinates at an interval of 5 minutes

How does it work?
After running the application, it will turn ON your phone's GPS and log your current coordinates in a csv file. If it is able to get a valid coordinate, it will turn your GPS OFF and then wait for 5 minutes before turning it ON again.

- First Panel:

- tapping on the panel will turn on the GPS
- first text line shows the status of CGPS (on/off)
- second text line shows the number of satellites and the status of your phone's GPS
- third line shows your Latitude and Longitude
- right soft key's function is to close/exit CPGS
- Second Panel:

- will allow you to send an sms to one of your contacts with your last logged GPS coordinate and also a link to open Google Maps (installation is required on the receiving phone) and point your location.



Markos said...

Thank you for this excellent program. The included .exe files open up great possibilities for automation with mortscript.
Can the user set how often a gps location entry is written to the file log?

Anonymous said...

Helas, not for WM 6.1


robertjm said...

Thanks for the app, however, I'm having a couple of problems with it. It says: Satellites 0/4 - GPS: ON and then on the second line it says -1/-1
What does the Satellites 0/4 mean? Google Maps seems to be able to find the location OK.

When I try the SMS feature a warning msg pops up that says "GPS Log File not present"

Anonymous said...

thanks, i've been searching for a plugin like this. i'm not able to use it though because even after installing it, it doesn't appear on the home screen. the registry settings are installed ok. but the cpr file (Titanium_320x480.cpr, my device is HVGA) is unchanged. could you send me the cpr entries that should have been created? would really appreciate it. thanks very much.