Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GPS Speedo

Basically it's another speedo that is driven from a GPS signal.

It has been tested on a HTC Touch HD and Diamond, but should work on any WM device with a GPS feed.

.NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed.
Current Features
User configurable background colours
Day/Night colour schemes (Choose by clicking on the top status bar)
Rotatable (Portrait or Landscape)
Gesture enabled (Move between screens)
Planned Features
Addition of location page
Option to log your current location
Option to create a output file to upload into Google Maps etc
Option to log raw GPS Messages (Prob not on this one)
Addition of Speed Camera Warnings
Installation Details
.NET Compact Framework must be installed
Load Cab file onto your device and run
This loads two fonts to your device (Transponder AOE & Transponder GRID AOE)
Once run will create \My Documents\GPS_Speedo where it keeps the settings file(s)
Other Issues
If the app crashes, currently I don't have a global error handling, but you will receive the error message to the screen. If this happens please try to post it here so I can investigate.
You may need to install another .NET Framework Cab to read the messages.

GPS Speedo

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