Saturday, September 19, 2009


Change the SIP from a shortcut

Changing SIP (software keyboard) type is both cumbersome (that small finger unfriendly arrow near the SIP icon) and slow (the selection menu does not popup for a noticeable time). Worse on Topaz (Diamond 2) the menu has 2 levels: one for select between Touch Input full QWERTY and Phone Keypad and one for select other SIP types.
SetSIP allow to change the SIP, including the two Touch Input layouts from a shortcut.

Requirements and compatibility

SetSIP was developed for HTC Topaz (Diamond 2) with WM6.1 and requires Compact Framework 2 or above. It should work on many other phones but the test is up to you. Touch Input layouts selection make sense only on phones with Touch Input / EzInput.


Run and install in main memory.


Use Remove Programs in Settings.

Shortcuts creation

Installation copies two files in your phone, SetSIP.exe and SetSIPShortcut.exe and adds a shortcut named "SetSIP Create Shortcuts" to Programs. SetSIP.exe is the actual utility that changes the SIP as specified by command line parameters inside shortcuts. Creating the shortcuts manually is possible but cumbersome (see ReadMe.txt for details). Therefore, the SetSIPShortcut.exe utility scans your phone for all the installed SIPs and creates shortcuts for all of them. For Touch Input / EzInput SIP it creates shortcuts for all the layouts.
To create the shortcuts go to Programs and tap "SetSIP Create Shortcuts". After a while a popup dialog will inform you of the program termination and of the name of the directory where the created shortcuts are.


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