Wednesday, September 02, 2009

RAM Sweeper

RAM cleaner

How it works?
Instead of ending the process from a blacklist to gain some RAM this will kill everything except the processes that are included in the ramsweeper.txt file(white list), this way you will gain the max possible RAM. I've also included an option to run any program with optional parameters after every RAM sweep.

Configuring RAM Sweeper
RAMSweeper.txt is located at \program files\RAM Sweeper and it contains the white list, the format of this files is very easy:

EXC process.exe -> will add process.exe to the white list (process wont be killed)
RUN "apppath" -> will run the defined program after a RAM sweep
RUN "apppath" Parameter -> will run the defined program with the defined parameter
here is an example of each possible commands:
EXC RAM Sweeper.exe
RUN "\Windows\Linterna.exe"
RUN "\Internal Storage\Program files\ssmaho\SSMaPaT2.exe" \ssmaho.config --hook
The default file contains the following entries:

EXC cprog.exe
EXC connmgr.exe
EXC device.exe
EXC filesys.exe
EXC gwes.exe
EXC poutlook.exe
EXC repllog.exe
EXC services.exe
EXC shell32.exe
EXC RAM Sweeper.exe
EXC SIPGT_app.exe
EXC iLock2.exe
EXC accsensor_app.exe
EXC LargeDisplayStart.exe
EXC rapiclnt
EXC changescreen.exe

Important Note:
This will run without any problem on the diamond and probably HD,Raphael,topaz,rhodium.... but with older devices you will maybe have to add some important processes to ramsweeper.txt or you will kill them and may have some problems (freezes, some programs may stop working...). Just use a taskmanager to check the processes (i attach a simple task manager i've made).
.NetFramework3.5 is needed

RAM Sweeper


Daniel said...

hi. This program didn´t run on my DX900. Does anybody could ?

oldSAP said...

for DX900 i prefer using Oxios Memory