Thursday, September 03, 2009

TMS UnInstaller

If you have a ton of installed applications on your mobile, you will need this nice replacement for the ugly "remove Programs" of windows mobile component! This program will allow you to find the application you want to uninstall very fast by searching for it name or visually by its icon!

Key Features:
1. Shows big Icons of installed applications for easier recognition.
2. On the fly search in the list of the applications (with 0.5s delay after typing)
3. Uninstall all applications (it can uninstall even itself!), and removing main registry entry if the application uninstalled incorrectly.

1. Windows Mobile 5 or newer (Please don’t try it on WM2003 or older, they are not supported because they using a different mechanism)
2. .Net compact framework 3.5, you will find it in here.

TMS UnInstaller

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