Saturday, September 05, 2009

LnkMe v1.1

Create SMS and Call shortcut files with just a few steps.

Manually creating shortcut files for sms and call sending to specific contacts requires using a text editor (in PPC and PC) and then manually typing text codes and memorizing the phone number for that particular contact, then repeating the same procedure again and again for each contact.

I've created this simple application to automate all of this. I hope it will also be useful to other people.

The shortcut files created will allow you to automatically create a new sms for a particular person, or make a call to a person, depending on what lnk file you chose to create.

change log:
- multiple contacts LNK creation
- fixed call shortcut bug
- option to add SMS body in SMS shortcut link

oldSAP LnkMe v1.1 CAB


grimreaper120 said...

is there a way for a future version to be able to send a predefined text? For example I would like to send somebody a text in one click telling them i'm running late or i'm driving etc.

oldSAP said...

yes. i can add that option :)

grimreaper120 said...

thank you, please let me know when this has been added :D

dmkerr said...

OldSAP, the link to rapidshare doesn't work anymore. Looks like they removed the file. Any chance you could repost it?

Jaroslav Kůtek said...

it would be good if the dual sim phones were set from which the call is made ​​sim.