Monday, September 14, 2009


This program provides encryption facilities for Windows Powered Devices, allowing the user to encrypt/decrypt files from within the device itself.

ideIt! Pro for Windows Powered Devices supports the popular and proven for its efficiency RSA algorithm. An additional algorithm - DES - is also supported, which can be used on top of RSA.
The HideIt! Professional version for Windows Powered Devices is fully compatible with the HideIt! Professional for Windows NT, 2000 and XP

- Windows Powered device using Windows CE 2.11 or newer.
- 31-580 kB storage memory, depending on the platform and available user options.
- Connection between the handheld and host PC, via Microsoft ActiveSync 3.x.

- Establish an ActiveSync connection between the handheld and the host PC.
- Execute the installation executable and follow the installation instructions provided.
- When the CE Application Manager window appears, you can either install the program in the default location or on a storage card. The default location corresponds to the internal storage memory of your handheld.

Installation Package
Installation Executable: HideItProCE

Supported platforms:
Palm-size PC (MIPS/SH3, Windows CE 2.11): Casio E-10x, Compaq Aero 15xx, HP Jornada 4xx, Philips Nino 3xx/5xx, Everex, Trogon C2000 Plus.
Pocket PC (MIPS/SH3/StrongARM, Windows CE 3.0 or later): Casio E-115/E-125/EM-500/EG-800/E-200, Compaq Aero 21xx, Compaq iPAQ H31xx/H36xx/H37xx/H38xx, HP Jornada 5xx, Palmax PD-131/PD-600c(@migo).
Handheld PC (MIPS/SH3/SH4/StrongARM, Windows CE Core 2.11 or later): HP Jornada 6xx/7xx, Sharp Mobilon and all other devices running Windows CE 2.00 or newer.

Support and license agreement
The program can be used for free ONLY for personal use. Any other use, requires a registration fee.
Please see the license agreement included in the installation package.


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